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Dolphin Soap

Welcome to our web site

Dolphin Soap are manufacturers of solid soap for toiletries, melt & pour soap base, stain removal bar for laundry, shampoo, body lotion, balistic balls (foamed), loofa soap, and liquid diffusers in bottles, soaps base diffusers in bags, decorated soap hearts next to multi colours soap bars, all in a "party of fragrance", as well as other products.

Dolphin developed in the last two years several items which we think will be very useful for the public.
Here in Dolphin Soap Industries we believe that all laundry cleansers should be environmentally friendly therefor our soap flakes clean, brighten, renew and refresh the garments and dissolves as quickly as powder.
We reckon that the soap flakes will replace the laundry powder in due course.

Our research and development takes a great deal of our budget and we see it as a long term investment.

Dolphin Soap Industries takes all kind of private label jobs.


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